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Uplift In-Store Sales and E-Commerce Conversion with Facebook and Google Ads in 60 Seconds

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Grow your business and sales by reaching your customers everywhere they are, Online and Offline. Skale PushAds is the easiest way to get started with digital marketing.
One click to set up. No coding required to automate everything you need for enterprise-grade marketing on Facebook, Google, Instagram and millions of sites.

Drive Sales Online or Offline

Drive Sales Online or Offline

  • Reach your customers everywhere they are – on Facebook, Instagram, Google and millions of sites
  • Push Out QR Code Digital Vouchers Through Facebook and Google Ads. Drive Your Shoppers In-Store, Track Redemption and Sales Real-time on your Mobile

“SKALE’s tool lets me grow my sales online and offline. I can now market my store promotions to people nearby, with more traffic than ever. Better yet, I am notified each time a voucher is used in-store”

Bring Cart Abandoners Back to Your Site

Bring Cart Abandoners Back to Your Site

  • Turn cart abandoners on your website into sales by bringing them back to your site
  • One-click to set up, no development resources necessary

“Even with a one-man marketing team, we were able to use remarketing in our business through SKALE’s PushAds tool. That got us 10x more purchases for our business and is now an important part of our strategy.”

Monitor Your Results Online and In-Store

Monitor Your Results Online and In-Store

  • Track and monitor sales conversions in-store with our fully built-In Digital Voucher System and QR Code Tracking System (No integration needed)
  • Track sales conversions online on your E-commerce Shop
  • Monitor sales conversion and ROI on a real-time basis with our simple-to-understand yet sophisticated dashboard

One-click to Integrate with your E-Commerce Shop

One-click to Integrate with your E-Commerce Shop

  • Automatically creates a product feed and syncs your products on Facebook and Google to unlock full marketing capabilities
  • Track information on your website visitors and the actions they take
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Uplift In-Store Sales and E-Commerce Conversion with Facebook and Google Ads in 60 Seconds

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Our Platforms and Technology

Automate Beautiful and Better Performing Ads
Google Display Network
Automate the creation of HTML5 ads and Dynamic Remarketing Ads on all the major websites that are relevant for your business. Reach your customers at multiple touchpoints from the onset to the last mile of the customer journey.
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Create beautiful and engaging social media ads easily. Unlock better performance when you combine it with your product’s price, discount, location, availability and more.
Google Shopping Ads
Enhance the power of Search ads with product listing search ads that not only includes text but a picture and information about your product too.
Google Search Ads
Automate everything from keyword selection, bid optimization to copywriting for your business. Plus, unlock Dynamic Search Ads that automatically creates ads based on the content of your website.
SKALE Plugin
Use SKALE’s Plugin to integrate your product feed and implement full-fledged conversion tracking systems across platform in just a few clicks. No engineering resources necessary.
Omnichannel Offline Digital Promo Voucher
Combine SKALE Digital Marketing Capabilities across Facebook and Google with SKALE’s Digital QR Code Voucher System. Drive Shoppers to download QR Code Vouchers and Track Sales In-Store each time voucher is scanned by Retail Assistant.

Our customers are getting an average ROI of 8x, Join them today.

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Technology at a Glance

Drive Offline Sales and Track Customers With Digital Promos
80% of Retail is Offline

Your brick-&-mortar business is as important as growing your digital presence. Target & retarget customers with digital promos when they are near your store.

Create picture-based Google Search Ads that are synced with your product inventory
60% of Search Clicks

...for Retailers, are Shopping Ads that show pictures and not just text. Are you synced on Google Merchant Centre to engage shoppers on Search?

Deploy pixels and sync your eCommerce site with Facebook and Google Merchant Centre
1 Min

...Is all you need to install our plugin, sync your product with Facebook and Google Merchant Center, deploy Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixels and a whole lot more


Case Study: Ellysage

Driving In-Store Sales Conversion with Digital, Retargeting Offline Customers Online

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Reveal the Heart and Soul of Your Brand with Facebook and Instagram Ads
3 Million Businesses

…use Facebook and Instagram Ads to drive results for their businesses. Create captivating Ads that replaces news and print media

Reach your target customers everywhere with Google Display Advertising
90% of Web Users

...see ads on different websites via Google’s Display Network everyday. Place your ads on 2 million+ different websites


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