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Create a Secret Menu with these 5 Tips

Create a Secret Menu with these 5 Tips

Secret menu items are all the buzz these days – remember when everyone was posting about the pretty pink bubblegum frappe from Starbucks? These items excite customers with it’s exclusive nature and gives them the incentive to be adventurous and try it.

Creating a secret menu becomes free advertising and a form of reward to your regulars because it makes them feel special and appreciated. So why not kill two birds with one stone and create a secret menu with these 5 simple steps? Oh and did I mention that it costs close to nothing as well?

1. Decide on Your Ingredients

Pick ingredients that are either on trend or that are special and unique. This item has to stand out from the rest of your menu and the more unusual it is, the better. 
Ever heard of freakshakes? They are over the top milkshakes topped with candy floss, doughnuts, whip cream, sprinkles and multiple scoops of ice cream.

 Latch onto this trend by creating your own version of it and advertising it as the best freakshake in town. Customers are bound to be drawn in and eager to try it!

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