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New Technologies Every Restaurant Owner Should Use

New Technologies Every Restaurant Owner Should Use

In today’s world, it’s hard to ignore the influence of technology, so much so when it’s prevalent in our daily lives and instrumental in how we communicate and connect. In fact, technology has been responsible for automating menial tasks, allowing humans to shift focus to more important aspects.

In the F&B industry, technology has been an integral part of how restaurants operate. From the cash register to the kitchen, innovators are constantly introducing new digital solutions to easing the operations of a restaurant, and even more profitable.

Below are seven technologies that every restaurant should incorporate into their business.

1. Bluetooth temperature sensors

It’s no secret that HACCP (food safety) checklists are a pain. That’s why many restaurants have started utilizing Bluetooth temperature monitoring systems to ensure their food and equipment are up to par.

Using handheld probes and fixed sensors, restaurants can manually or automatically measure the temperatures of their key assets in as little as four seconds. Managers can program customized limits for each food and equipment and be alerted if any temperatures are beyond their acceptable threshold.

These Bluetooth sensors can also wirelessly record temperature readings in a HACCP log so that employees do not have to. This prevents staff from falsifying daily reports and simply eliminates paper logs altogether. Wireless temperature systems ultimately take a proactive approach to food safety, helping restaurants to avoid product loss and most importantly protect customer safety.

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