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The Importance of Providing Health Insurance for your Employees

The Importance of Providing Health Insurance for your Employees

Health insurance will cover your employee’s medical and surgical expenses, encouraging them to visit the doctors more regularly. But why should you provide health insurance for your employees? And why is it so important for your business? This article will explore the impact of health insurance on your small business.

1. Increased Productivity

With health insurance, your employees will not hesitate to go to the doctors when they catch a flu because they are not held back by financial constraints. This speeds up the recovery period and minimises any decreased productivity while your employee is sick. 

Most importantly – it prevents the whole company from falling sick together. Contagious flus may bring everyone down together and multiple MCs on the same day would significantly delay any major ongoing projects! Especially with small businesses where everyone has an important role to play in the company’s daily operations, you can barely afford sick days.

2. Staff Morale

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