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Why The F&B Industry is Notorious for High Turnovers

Why The F&B Industry is Notorious for High Turnovers

The restaurant industry is notorious for having immensely high turnover rates, ranging in the 70 percentile. While employees leaving is an inevitability in the F&B business, there are certain things you can do to keep your staff happy.

The first step to decreasing turnover in your restaurant is figuring out why your employees are leaving in the first place.

Here are a few reasons they don’t want to stay.

They feel underappreciated

For many employees, getting the recognition they deserve for their hard work is almost as important as the paycheck. In fact, in some cases, it may be even more of a factor in their workplace happiness.
In studies, many restaurant staff have reported feeling that their best efforts are routinely ignored. 28% of employees shared that their most memorable feedback came from a manager, while 10% came from a customer.

Work feels meaningless and boring

Finding purpose and meaning in one’s work has proven to help in elevating motivation, job satisfaction, empowerment, engagement, and overall personal fulfillment. When a person feels like they are able to grow and learn new skills and knowledge within the company, they are more like to be committed to their job.

Unfortunately, many restaurant employees have express that they are unable to derive positive feelings from their work. Long hours, low-wages, intense tasks, a high pressure environment and even boredom have been sighted as causes of employees quitting after a few months.

What you can do:

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