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How these 7 Pinoy Stalls Became Outstanding Culinary Restaurants 

How these 7 Pinoy Stalls Became Outstanding Culinary Restaurants 

Wonder how big names become big names in the first place? These restaurants are no stranger to humble beginnings and hard work. Read on for inspiring stories of individuals that took the risk and entered the F&B industry to share their delicious recipes with the world.

1. Manang’s Chicken

Manang’s Chicken was Mother’s recipe that the family’s beloved chef Manang whipped up on a regular basis for friends and family. They then found the perfect opportunity to share it with the community when they came across an opening for Mercato Centrale, a weekend food market.

The family recipe fared so well with the public that Manang’s Chicken is now a 13 store chain restaurant in the Philippines! 

But how did they make it so big? In a ABS-CBN interview, Jill Gerodias-Borja talks about the secret to their success being giving  “your customers a little bit more than what they expect.” 

Hear that restaurant owners? Remember to give your 110% to customers! 

2. Ineng’s Special Barbecue
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