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Understanding F&B Industry in India – Avoid mistakes of other F&B owners


In collaboration with SME Southeast Asia, we were commissioned in June 2018 to study F&B industry in India. Over the past weeks, we surveyed hundreds of F&B owners and managers across India.

🔥Hot out of the oven, our report revealed some ♨sizzling insights!

Here’s a peek on what we’ve revealed! 👀

  • Over 30% of Restauranteurs face these Top 2 problems including having a Lack of Customers During Off-Peak Hours and Hiring & Training. Check if these issues affect you too! [Full List within Report]
  • Over 36% of them use these TWO Solutions to solve the Challenges above. Are you? [Solutions within report] 
  • 25% of Restauranteurs who use these 11 Apps say that it does not help them Drive More Customers and is Not Customized to Their Needs. Which apps are you using? [List within report]
  • Benchmark if you are Spending More or Less than the Average Monthly Advertising Spend for Restaurants in India [List within report]

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