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How To Set Your Hair Salon Up For Success

How To Set Your Hair Salon Up For Success

There are tons of successful salon businesses out there catering to large demographics. How do you then plant yourself and your new salon amongst such intense competition? This article is a must-read for any aspiring salon owner that does not only want to survive but thrive in the salon industry. Read on how I set up my own business for success and how you can easily replicate that success.

1. Niche

Your niche influences your location, pricing and branding strategy. If you want to cater to the higher class, locate yourself in an affluent neighbourhood and decorate your salon in a minimalistic and contemporary look. If you want to cater to the youth instead, portraying your business as convenient and hip may work better.
Find an opening in the market by looking at all the niches that are already tapped into and find a distinctive one for your own salon.

2. Location & Demographic
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