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4 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Opening A Massage Parlour

4 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Opening A Massage Parlour

Thinking of opening a massage parlour? It is not an easy decision and I’m sure you have pondered over this business venture for a very long time. Now that you are on the edge of making this decision, make sure to ask these 7 questions that I asked myself before beginning this journey.

1. Where Will You Conduct Your Services?

There are many types of massage businesses. There are mobile massage businesses that are mainly home based and there are massage parlours that are rented out.


If you are planning to carry out your services at home, you need to inform the housing development in your country and even your insurance provider. You also need to work around your neighbours who might find the public crowd at your estate a problem. And what about your own personal life? How are you gonna separate your work from play since your service is right in the heart of your home?
Whereas if you are planning to rent out a space, should it be in a mall or in a more private area like under a row of shophouses? Would you rather have heavy foot traffic or tranquility?

2. How Much Are You Willing To Spend?
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