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3 Insights To Engaging Baby Boomers in E-commerce

3 Insights To Engaging Baby Boomers in E-commerce

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It seems that the world of e-commerce has been tailor-made for millennial’s. On a canvas of flashy retail and over-hyped bargains, there is an obvious deficit in the way baby boomers are approached.
How Age and Gender Affect Smartphone Usage - Scientific Figure on ResearchGate. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/For-how-long-different-age-groups-use-the-phone-daily-Teenagers-12-17-years-lead-in_fig2_306263450 [accessed 19 Jul, 2018]

For how long different age groups use the phone daily.

 In a study between smartphone use and age-groups, older folks of 51 years and above were accounted for at the lowest percentile.
While most see baby boomers as an unworthy segment, there are some businesses that see them as a niche target. As the smartphone becomes more of a necessity than a privilege, we are compelled to bring you some methods of approaching this growing segment of consumers.

1. Pose Benefits
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