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4 Reasons Why These HR Processes Need Automation

4 Reasons Why These HR Processes Need Automation

Recruiting, on boarding, hiring, appraisals – the tiresome processes that HR personnel are tasked to never ends. As it goes in business , time is money, and these processes require a large portion of time to be dealt with.

Automation has been a goal of business leaders ever since the Industrial Revolution, and resource consolidation has never been easier thanks to computers and softwares. Where HR process automation is concerned, the ability to analyse every step of the process helps determine the inconsistencies that can be better managed, while minimising time spent on monotonous copy-and-paste work.

1. Requests for Leave

Leave requests are by far one of the most common processes to automate. Vacation requests, for example, is a length process when conducted manually. A paper or email detailing the requests is first required. After which, managers, HR and finance need to determine if the employee is applicable for leave based on several factors, which include the total off-days they are contractually allowed.

Automating this process will see that the employee begins with form that has their number of days readily available for use. Reporting managers also tend to share a synchronized calendar that will help in re-scheduling staff hours. After approval, the other departments are merely formalities as the system would have accounted for most details prior to this. Automated processes help avoid lengthy complications that interfere with working hours.

2. Timesheet Tracking
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