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3 Southeast Asian HR Startups To Lookout For

3 Southeast Asian HR Startups To Lookout For

A substantial portion of time is delegated to Human Resource Management. These tasks usually consist of paperwork and documentation. In recent times, the development of competent Artificial-Intelligence software have extended towards the HR segment.

Human Resource Process Automation (HR Automation) is exactly what it suggests: tools and applications that facilitate the automation of human resource processes and functions. The efficiency, accuracy and consistency of these tools are known to increase productivity in HR departments.

With that said, here are 3 Southeast Asian companies that provide HR Automation Tools to help improve your company’s management system:

1. Times Pay/HR

Southeast Asia is familiar with Times Software Pte Ltd.

Their award-worthy HR automation software has been critically acclaimed by users in Southeast Asia. In 2017, they won several awards, some of which included:

• HRM Asia Readers’ Choice 2017 – Best HR Tech – Payroll
• HR Vendors of the Year 2017 ¬– Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner – Bronze
The comprehensive software utilizes a single database that integrates management regarding:
• Payroll and HR
• E- Leave
• E-Timesheets

2. Swingvy
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