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4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Course Of E-Commerce

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Course Of E-Commerce

Last year, AI was making waves for all the wrong reasons. Saudi Arabia’s infamous Artificial Intelligence robot named Sophia, was granted citizenship. However, what really made the headlines was her shocking statement that “I will destroy all humans.”

Scandals aside, when employed effectively, we notice the more pragmatic uses that AI has to offer in the e-commerce sector. This incorporation serves to improve user experience and attract consumers to platforms with ease.

AI technology assisted in the development of e-commerce, and here are four employments of Artificial Intelligence that have become a quintessential part of the industry.

1. Recommendation Systems
Artificial Intelligence

The way learning algorithms can predict and direct relatable content to us is becoming increasingly annoying, but helpful. When browsing for certain items on stores like Amazon, the algorithm keeps track of our browsing habits and eventually makes fitting suggestions based on concepts like category, price and accessibility.

While there are many who are suspicious of these tactics, we can’t help but admit that it does come in handy every now and then.

2. Location Tracking
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