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How To Retain Your Lead Hairstylist

How To Retain Your Lead Hairstylist

Are you a hairdressing business owner concerned about managing and retaining your hairstylists?

Many salon owners often seem to struggle the most with employee management.

Did you know that the lead hairstylist of your salon is among the most valuable assets of your business?

In fact, they can help take care of employee management for you! Here is how to retain your lead hairstylist in just 6 simple steps:

1. Keep Your Hairstylist Happy and Motivated

Almost every loss of an employee equates to a loss in clientele. Behind high turnover rates often lie unhappy employees.

Identify the needs of your hairstylists and know what motivates them to work. Then, develop a personalised goal plan for your hairstylist. Tailor rewards, incentives, and your broader vision accordingly with the goal plan.

For your employees to share your business vision, it is important for them to know why they matter.

Understanding the purpose of their job drives intrinsic motivation.

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