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Top 10 Reasons Why F&B Businesses Fail

Top 10 Reasons Why F&B Businesses Fail

The F&B business is always an exciting venture for anyone looking to get into it! Although it is time-consuming, it is just as rewarding. However, there are many aspects to running a restaurant that most people forget about. Making these mistakes may end up costing your business. In the worst case, this means total failure.

Below are 10 reasons why F&B businesses tend to fail.

1. Your Restaurant Location Matters
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  1. Non of the above matters except only No. 8
    If your food is the best, people will find you even in some distant corner. You will be flushed with cash, need not worry about service. I would drive a hundred miles to eat at your place even if it’s expensive, lousy service and wait one hour, if your cooking is the best!!
    You can have the best location, beautiful decor, excellent service, Low price and advertise all you want. If the food don’t taste good, I assure you will fail!!

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