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What Retailers Need to Know before Accepting Payment Gateways in Malaysia

What Retailers Need to Know before Accepting Payment Gateways in Malaysia

Consumers are increasingly expecting to be able to pay via credit card and online payment gateways.

Credit card and online payment options undoubtedly provide a host of advantages. They help to attract more customers, considerably broadening customer capture.

They are also responsible for producing high revenue. Customers tend to purchase more when the effect of cash deduction is non-tangible.

Most noteworthy is the factor of convenience, offered by these type of payment methods. It addresses the problem of having to carry cash around and also promotes safety.

However, the nitty-gritty of these payment options has to be thoroughly looked into. Especially from the point of retailers and small business owners.

Small businesses usually store money in their inventory. However, when their business starts expanding, an upgrade in their point of sale system is a necessary measure.

Businesses will then have to start employing options such as credit card machines, POS software, online payment gateways, and e-wallets.

As a retailer, here are five things you need to know, before accepting credit card and online payment gateways:

1. Payout Policies of Credit Card and Payment Gateways

Some of the familiar online payment gateways in Malaysia include MOLPay, eGHL, iPay88 and FavePay. While international ones include Stripe, PayPal, Worldpay, Alipay and more.

Is the payment gateway of your choice flexible? It must be able to adapt to the specific needs of your business and enable you to create your desired business model.

Knowing the processing options of your payment gateway is important. Make sure that your customers can make payments easily and quickly.

Ensure that there is no redirection to a third party site during payment. This is important because customers need to feel safe and only then will trust be established.

The technology integration of your payment gateway should not only be fast and easy for developers but also for you to use as a business owner. Integration processes that are long and difficult to operate, can take weeks. This is can use up a lot of time and money.

2. Fee Structures of Credit Card and Payment Gateways
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