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[Part 2] What To Do When Customers Say “Your Restaurant Food Sucks!”


Every restaurant has their bad days. Sometimes the cook calls in sick, or you’re just unable to secure the right quality ingredients. However, if you receive a series of complaints on your food, then you can be sure that it just sucks. So, what do you do?

1. No Excuses For Customers

Your food sucking is not an excuse in the F&B industry. If you don’t do well, someone else will. This is why most hawker stalls are unable to have two chicken-rice stalls in one outlet. There is only so much garlic for the chilli, and one is bound to outshine the other.

Sometimes, this may be the issue. Perhaps your customers are comparing you to a similar outlet nearby? If so, find out what your competitors are doing that you are not. You probably can’t outdo them at their dish, but you can find a signature dish that people will remember you by. Stop sucking.

Whatever you do, do not to make up excuses when dealing with customer complaints. Even if it’s a brief explanation, try to avoid it. Acknowledge the complaint and make an apology. Customers want to know that they are heard above all else.

2. Improve Service
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