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The Legality of The Massage Business In India

The Legality of The Massage Business In India

The wellness business in India has seen its fair share of police raids over the past few years. These raids often disrupt daily business and casts the entire industry in a bad light.

However, being an owner of a massage parlour in India myself, I would like to debunk the shady reputation of the massage business.

Read on to find out the true nature of the business and why it is actually more than worth it to start your own business in the massage industry in India.

1. What Is Illegal?

These are the massage parlours that pretend to solely offer massage services but actually offer sexual services instead. You have to be careful to stir clear of this path as although it is lucrative, it is highly illegal and you may even get arrested for it.

Provide clean services and the police will have no right to interfere with your massage parlour and you will not have to worry about your right to operate.

2. So What Is Legal?
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