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How Japanese Retailers Drive Store Visits in Malaysia


The Japanese culture has always been held with high regard, be it their etiquette, business or technology advancements.

Japanese retailers have been at the top of their game for years now. Driving store visits seem to hardly be an issue for them, while the rest of us here are wondering what their big secret is!

In Malaysia, Japanese retail stores typically fall on two extremes. The former would be your sleek, minimalistic and uniformly designed retail stores. Think Muji, Uniqlo, SuperDry, and Koncent.

The latter will be your diverse fashioned retail stores with out of the box concepts, such as Isetan, Family Mart, Shojikiya, and Daiso to name a few.

So what sets Japanese retail stores apart from other retail stores? How are they able to ‘effortlessly’ drive store visits?

Here are 3 ways Japanese retailers drive store visits in Malaysia:

1. Unique Business Culture and Values

The Japanese culture is popularly known for their cleanliness and tidiness, punctuality and timeliness as well as their respectful mannerism. These traits also reflect upon their unique and value-laden business culture.

The famous Kaizen, a Japanese business philosophy, is largely responsible for their efficiency and continuous improvements in work practices.

Kaizen basically focuses on the 5 S’s: sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain. For sort, unwanted items are separated from the needed and are eliminated.

Set in order is self-explanatory. It is about keeping items in order for easy and fast retrieval. While shine basically means keeping stores spick and span.

Standardize is about establishing a standardized system for maintaining consistency in the way tasks and procedures are done. Lastly, sustain refers to cultivating the habit of maintaining established processes.

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