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3 Things To Remember When You Lose Your Head Chef

3 Things To Remember When You Lose Your Head Chef

If you ever lose your head chef, don’t lose your head! Losing your chef is a big deal that could cost you hundreds to thousands if not addressed ASAP. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but that’s okay.

Failure has many faces. Sometimes it is necessary to fire someone. Other times, they quit for whatever reasons. Whatever it is, losing a key member of your team can be very stressful. It’s important to keep a clear mind and push on.

1. Practice Flexibility

Being flexible means helping out in any role your team requires of you.

With your head chef gone, you may start to worry about your business entirely. Will you have to go back to old ways? Will the quality of your food decline? Without a quick solution, the answer is most likely a yes.

It is daunting for any restaurant owner to deal with the loss of a key team-member. The impact is even worse for small businesses. If the termination is sudden, feelings of stress, depression and pressure may arise.

Don’t take this to heart though, every business, team and enterprise has off seasons. Make room for changes in routine and quality for a short awhile. This compromise is necessary until you can find a permanent fix. If you are handy in the kitchen, consider putting in work there yourself for a while. Once you find a new head chef, be around to coach them until your previous quality is met.

2. Organize Your Paperwork 
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