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Failure To Drive Off-Peak Demand Costing Your Restaurant Business

Failure To Drive Off-Peak Demand Costing Your Restaurant Business

As a restaurant owner you should be familiar with your restaurants operations; when you get the most business (peak hours) and when your business is quiet (off-peak hours).

After operating your restaurant for more than 6 months, you might realise that certain hours of the day and certain days of the week are less happening than others.

The question then is, are these off-peak hours and periods affecting your business positively or are they impacting your restaurant negatively?

If you’re having trouble driving revenue during your quieter periods, then these 5 suggestions may be just what you need!

1. Happy Hour

Happy hour is a popular way to bringing in off-peak business!

If your restaurant serves alcohol, then you would most probably have some happy hour prices in place. While the concept helps to draw in a crowd of after-work customers, most other bars and restaurants will be doing the same.

To remain competitive, you will need to provide something more than just cheap drinks. Hiring entertainers such as bands or musicians will help you draw in a more diverse crowd. While regular customers are important, loyalty is tough if your main attraction is your happy hour. Your regulars will appreciate the added value you provide. They will also be more likely to stay on if they are entertained.

2. Host Theme Nights
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