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5 Ways Malaysian Business Owners Can Get Loyal Customers to Your Salon

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As an owner of a hairdressing business, getting clients to come to your salon for a hairdo may be easy. The hard part, however, is getting them to come back again!

But do not be discouraged! According to a UK survey, compared to any other brand, product, or service, customers are more loyal to their hairdressers.

But first, why is it so important for you to maintain the loyalty of your clients?

Keeping a steady flow of loyal clientele ensures that your business has regular cash flow.

You would also not have to worry about getting your new hair product range off the shelf with existing customers. Moreover, with existing customers, advocacy is a bonus!

Regular clients are happy clients, and they are the best agents to provide you with word-of-mouth business.

Having a loyal client base helps improve the quality of your service and reputation of your business.

So, just how do you get loyal customers to your salon?

Here are 5 simple ways that you can use in your business to get loyal customers for your salon.

1. Befriend Your Customers

Apart from a job well done on a haircut, the most basic act of building rapport with your client can determine whether or not, they will come back the next time.

Having a friendly chat with your customer makes them feel welcomed, at ease and comfortable. In the long run, this will foster a sense of belonging in your clients.

Consult your clients, share some ideas and tips with them on how to fix their hair and beauty issues. Educate your clients on what it takes to improve and maintain the results of their style and treatment.

This will help your customers to understand the importance of what you are doing, and why they should keep coming back to maximise the benefits of your services. Furthermore, in doing so, you will be able to gain their trust and confidence.

Local salons such as Toni & Guy Malaysia, Number 76 and Ridzokumura are well known for their quality customer service.

Another way to get loyal customers to your salon would be to entice first-timers. Provide new customers with an offer they can’t refuse, such as a complimentary service on their next visit.

Perhaps a free haircut with their next hair colouring or treatment appointment?

On another note, while it is important to focus on your customers, it is equally important to take care of your employees as well! Click here for some tips on how to retain your lead hairstylist.

2. Keep it Personal
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