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How Street Food Hawkers in India Have an Advantage Over Restaurants

How Street Food Hawkers in India Have an Advantage Over Restaurants

Many people dream of being entrepreneurs or having their own business in India but only a few of them give some serious thought to becoming street food hawkers.

People who consider street food hawkers to be poor people and have no skills or talent are mistaken because street food is liked by millions of Indians and the potential of it is expanding day by day.

Entrepreneurs also think that having a restaurant is better than being a street food hawker because you get more respect and earn more money. Though this was true a few decades back, it’s not true anymore (to a great extent) because street food hawkers are earning quite well these days and earn respect if they serve quality food at affordable prices.

So just how do how do street food hawkers in India have an advantage over restaurants? Read on about how some street food hawkers in India have managed to achieve success and their trade secrets!

1. Minimal Capital Investment

To be a street food hawker, you need minimal permits/licenses and minimal equipment. The same equipment you install initially can be used for years and years and give you good value for money.

For instance, a Chole Kulche stall vendor lady in Gurgaon who garnered much media attention for leaving her job as a teacher and starting a Chole Kulche stall to earn a living invested just INR 25,000 to start the stall and now has an annual turnover of INR 8 lakhs.

Some small samosawalas who are positioned in the right place even earn INR 1 lakh per month.

2. Be Your Own Boss

According to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder India, about 4 in 10 Indians admitted that they think they are better than their boss.

If you realise that you’re geared to leading your own path and have a passion for food, then becoming a street food hawker just might be what you need.

You will make all the decisions like when to work, when to take a holiday, how much inventory to stock, how often the food needs to be cooked, etc. You get to be in charge of every aspect of your own self-run business.

3. Become an Expert at Your Job
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