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4 Reasons Why Filipino Retailers Need An Instagram Account

4 Reasons Why Filipino Retailers Need An Instagram Account

Digitalization is on the rise, and more businesses are turning to the online world in a bid to adapt and stay relevant.

The Philippines again topped the world in terms of social media usage as the number of internet users in the country hit 67 million people

And according to NapoleonCat, a social media analytics platform, as of 2017, Instagram (IG) has recorded 8.5 million users in the Philippines where over 80% of them are between 18 to 44 years old.

This number only shows that Instagram has the potential to open up a lot of opportunities including brand/self exposure, promotion and/or products and services selling. In fact, there have been a number of entrepreneurs who use it as an online shopping platform, and by far, it has been really useful and noteworthy.

At this day and age, more people prefer online shopping because it’s hassle-free, it’s easier to compare prices, and without having to worry about accessibility. As business owners, this should be a great way to gain a closer access to your consumers. Adapting to the changes triggered by technology would really be beneficial as this would allow you to have a better view at what’s trending while reaching out to millions of potential costumers.

Instagram has progressed rapidly from simply being a photo-sharing app to becoming one of the biggest advertising platforms online. It has provided small businesses the invaluable opportunity to promote their products and services, grow their brands, and eventually make profit out of it. So should you sign up now?

Here are 4 reasons why small Filipino businesses need to create an Instagram account!

1. More users could mean more potential customers.

As mentioned above, there are over 8 million Instagram users in the Philippines. How many of those do you think would at least be interested in what you are selling? We could talk about hundreds (or even thousands) potential customers if that’s the number that we are looking at whether your target is to get recognized as a brand or to literally sell your products.

2. Instagram’s features could advertise your products easier.
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