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How to Keep the Startup Culture as Your Company Grows

How to Keep the Startup Culture as Your Company Grows

Culture is a pattern of thinking. Your startup culture is most likely spontaneous.

As your startup grows you will need to examine and refine your company culture and how to leverage this as you scale your business.

Using new business and accounting software will become essential to growing your business and hiring new recruits who can effectively use this software to become competent.

Getting Started

A startup culture is a workplace environment that values creative problem solving, open communication and a flat hierarchy.

Core values should form the identity of your startup and these include; vision and mission statements, products and services, and customer service.

In the U.S., where competition for talent is often fierce, startups commonly recruit the most suitable employees by offering perks and providing a great company culture. The entrepreneurial spirit is highly valued for employees within the American startup culture, with Google using “20% time” to encourage employees to pursue side projects in innovation.

In India, on the other hand, it’s more of an employer’s market. For those companies with strong business models and adequate funding, talent is plentiful. Workers often forgo perks or recognition simply to hang on to their jobs. The workplace culture can also tend toward micromanagement rather than employee autonomy. This leads to achieving results, but at the cost of some employee satisfaction due to increased pressure.

If you are starting a new office in Asia why not take the best of both worlds, and match your existing culture, forged in your domestic market, with local norms.

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