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Why Malaysian Restaurants Need Inventory Management

Why Malaysian Restaurants Need Inventory Management

Expanding too quickly is a problem with most restaurants. While more business is always great, it is important to maintain what you already have before moving on, especially your inventory.

Failure to manage your inventory comes down to those initial stages. When you don’t take the time to sort things out during your developing stages, you are setting yourself up for problems in the future.

To prevent failure in this department, here are 3 tips to help you manage your inventory efficiently.

1. Use Automation to Prevent Human Error

As humans, we are prone to making mistakes. Even the most meticulous people cannot be perfect all the time. While managing your inventory manually, mistakes and miscalculations are bound to happen.

To prevent these mistakes, consider mapping out these items using an inventory management software, POS System, or simply an Excel sheet.

Assign at least 2 employees to manage inventory. This ensures a safety net should careless mistakes occur. Structure your inventory sheet according to your kitchen layout. This will help your employees work in a consistent manner.

This is especially important if you are planning on expanding. Having a clear view of your inventory will help give you an accurate estimate of costs.

2. Conduct Weekly Checks of Your Inventory
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