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Accounting for Your Business: Freelancer Edition

Accounting for Your Business: Freelancer Edition

Being your own employer is the dream for a lot of folks. But as much freedom as the freelance life brings, it also can bring on headaches – especially when it comes to managing your business’s finances on your own.

The sheer amount of paperwork and record-keeping can be overwhelming, and putting your finances off until another day is likely an attractive thought. That is, until the day you realise just how much work there is to do and you’re kicking yourself for not staying on top of the accounting.

Luckily, Financio offers a tool that can effectively, efficiently simplify your financial management so that the only headaches you suffer from are brought on by clients – not accounting. Read on to learn more about how Financio can benefit you.

It’s created for non-accountants

First and foremost, Financio was created by accountants for non-accountants heading up micro businesses and SMEs. This ensures that the financial management tool has all of the functions an accountant would need if you were a client, but simplified so that the platform is user-friendly and easy to use no matter your abilities with numbers.

Cloud-based operations
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