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Is your brand still doing this? Physical banners, a thing of the past?

Is your brand still doing this? Physical banners, a thing of the past?

If you walked past a store recently, you probably noticed that many of the retailers in malls or even standalone shops put up these big beautiful banners in front of their store.

Why do they do that?

Often, we do that because we believe that the right target audience for your brand would be around the area. For example, you may be in a mall where the captive traffic around your store is the highest.

The right shoppers for your brand may also be around the area, but they may not necessarily walk past your store, or worse yet walk past the store but like many of us (guilty as charged), spend our time glued to the phone

Target the RIGHT Shoppers within close proximity to Your Store

You know who the target audience for your brand is. Are they women, new mothers or simply people who are interested in golf?

For instance, are you a fast fashion brand? If yes, actively target women who are interested in fashion and who are within 100 metres from your store.

Start ACTIVELY reaching them with highly engaging digital ads on your products, as they scroll through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or just about any other website. More importantly, remind these highly actionable shoppers that your brand is “literally” just around the corner from them…

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