Press Release: Singapore Shopping Mall Drives Footfall, Engagement and In-Store Sales with SKALE

Press Release: Singapore Shopping Mall Drives Footfall, Engagement and In-Store Sales with SKALE

I wanted to share a recent piece of work we did with a leading Singapore retail mall; and how we worked with both the mall operator and more than 15 F&B / Retail operators to drive footfall, uplift sales and actually track sales ROI real-time.

The Challenge

We recently worked with a leading Singapore shopping mall and like many other mall operators, maintaining and growing footfall proved challenging in light of eCommerce and local competition.

In response to the challenges, the management team of the mall has been engaging in different initiatives and events to drive footfall. Putting aside the fact that organizing mall events are challenging to begin with, driving awareness, participation and actual sales for retailers / F&B operators is even harder and at times not measurable. Even the most creative and well-intent creative agencies or online marketers have thus far struggled with translating innovative concepts to measurable offline sales ROI.

Their Goal

We were proud to be able to work on this project with our client. The marketing team had 3 simple goals: (i) drive footfall and in-mall engagement (e.g. sign up for merchant workshops), (ii) drive actual sales conversion through the marketing initiatives and (iii) measure in-store sales ROI

Working collaboratively with our client, the team at SKALE deployed a range of our core online-to-offline retail technologies, riding on top of Facebook and Google digital advertising to achieve the intended business outcomes.

Their Results

  • 5x Return on Ad Spend
  • ~200 Signups of paid workshop sessions
  • 30% – 75% Conversion of online engagement to offline sales (plus collection of mobile details)
  • >$70,000 Sales generated for anchor merchant
  • World First App-less, social Augment Reality Art experience, that also drives sales

Driving relevant shoppers to the mall
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