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How These 5 Shoe Brands Leveraged Digital Marketing To Build Their Business

How These 5 Shoe Brands Leveraged Digital Marketing To Build Their Business

The internet may soak up some of the blame for the failure and struggles of retailers, but it is also providing new avenues with greater rewards for those who are up for the challenge. With the emergence of e-commerce, footfall and sales have been one of the major struggles for those trying to drive their brand through traditional brick-and-mortar setups.

The challenge remains for retailers – whether to blaze the trail with their own unique approach, or follow a tried-and-true method where competition is abundant.

Some Malaysian shoe retailers have taken their own approach to digital marketing – and having been quite successful, are proving that retail is about adapting to circumstances. Read on to see how these 5 shoe brands leveraged digital marketing to benefit their businesses!

1. ShoeMo

Barely 2 months after meeting, ShoeMo co-founders, Jack Wong and Ginny To decided start-up a home-based shoe-cleaning business. Realizing the potential for a shoe-cleaning business, they started operations merely through the word of mouth of friends and family.

Today, the brand has expanded into Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia, where Ginny To highlights how different markets require a different approach. Singaporeans, for example, have a higher purchasing power, where they are willing to pay for quality services. The shoes in the Indonesian market are of the lower-end range, making it a volume driven game.

Their business model consists of an online-to-offline model, with the bulk of their marketing being done online to drive footfall to their outlets. By utilizing social media and SEO, ShoeMo has been able to grow from a Malaysian niche business into an international one.

2. Pazzion
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