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How Fashion Valet Grew Their Malaysian Empire With Digital Marketing

How Fashion Valet Grew Their Malaysian Empire With Digital Marketing

Fashion Valet is a Malaysian e-commerce startup that caters to the growing fashion trends in SouthEast Asia.

Founded in 2010 by Malaysian blogger, Vivy Yusof and her husband, Fadzarudin Anuar, Fashion Valet has grown to become SouthEast Asia’s premier online destination for Asian brands selling fashion apparel, shoes, and accessories.

Despite the massive success they have garnered over the years, Fashion Valet’s humble beginnings is what inspired so many other Malaysians to take leaps into the world of E-commerce.

Starting From Humble Beginnings

Vivy and Fadzarudin

Sourced from Ijual.

Vivy and Fadzarudin met as students in London, where they discovered a passion for online shopping. Vivy was a law student at the time, while her now-husband was studying aeronautical engineering.

Upon returning home in 2010, they realized that E-commerce was practically non-existent in Malaysia, especially in the fashion industry. This in-turn inspired them to start their own online platform to fill the missing gaps.

Most E-commerce stores spend roughly RM100k a month on marketing. For Vivy Yusof, RM100k was all the capital she had when starting up Fashion Valet. Making the most of their limitations, they were eventually able to get the company to a stable point over a few months.

By meeting with venture capitalists (VC’s) and financial institutions, they were able to raise capital and continue growth steadily. While it was initially tough, given the conservative attitudes towards E-commerce in 2010, they managed to find one VC which Vivy claims was a perfect match to their vision.

Today, the brand stands as a Malaysian pioneer that brought the local fashion industry to greater heights through their E-commerce platform. Getting there was no easy task, but thanks to their clever marketing approaches, they were able to reach customers in ways that few had thought of before.

Utilizing Digital Marketing To Get Ahead
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