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The Cheat Sheet Every Singaporean Retailer Must Have To Survive GSS 2019

The Cheat Sheet Every Singaporean Retailer Must Have To Survive GSS 2019

Lo and Behold, The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is back again!

For retailers, this is the time of the year when we can get Shoppers to break out their plastics and do some serious retail therapy (ideally in our store).

With GSS, Shoppers have come to expect a whole lot of promotions and discounts and tend to suss out the best deals out there, before committing to a purchase.

Increasing your marketing spend during peak shopping period seems like a no-brainer, but if you do not get the following strategies right, not only are you competing with every brand out there, but at higher budget levels too.

So how can you as a retailer stand out and win big during GSS?

1. Come up with a Compelling Promotion

10%? 20%? Everyone will be throwing discounts at Shoppers, so how do you make yours stand out?

  • Do a 1 Day Only Promotion on your Top Products especially if it is hardly discounted
  • Go crazy with a 40% discount (or some attractive number), but combine it with a minimum spend that makes it worth your while
  • Even better, create unique products that can only be bought during GSS
  • Or, don’t give an upfront discount, instead give them a $50 voucher for their next purchase

These are just some ideas, but the point is you need to make your promotion stand out.

2. If Shoppers Don’t See it, They Don’t Know It
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