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Accounting for Your Business: Tips for The Wholesale Industry

Many accounting software packages currently available do not cover the needs of wholesalers. There are many standard software packages<a href="

Mastering the Art of Delegation as Your Company Scales

The art of delegation starts with hiring the right people. Any start up has its eye on fast and even exponential growth. When your business model is right, then you may find your company expanding faster than you had ever imagined. Scaling a business involves aligning all aspects of your company with the growing markets it faces. Both internally and externally. Having the right people in the right...

Trend Prediction for 2019

The future is a mystery. One way to guess out what the future might bring is to look at the past and the present. Keep asking “Why?” and you might get to a useful trend. Then your challenge is to position your business ‘on-trend’. Give it a wide berth and factor in the ‘X’ factor. Anything is possible. The world is more unstable these days that at most times in recent history. <a href="htt...

Five Things to Know About Cashless Payments

The world of business is going digital, fast. Cashless payments are becoming the new norm. <a href="

How To Keep Your Employees Excited About The Future of The Company

Sources of adrenaline are often hard to find. Getting your staff excited, and keeping them excited, is key for the future of your business. <a href="

Corporate Holiday Gifting Ideas

With the holidays right around the corner, you’re probably tossing up what gifts to get your clients. As a startup, you want to make your budget for presents stretch as far possible, which means splurging on splashy gifts for your clients just isn’t reasonable. But a gift doesn’t need to be expensive to be appreciated – after all, it’s the thought that counts, right? If you’re unsure of where to s...

Revamping Your Corporate Handbook

A corporate handbook contains a company’s operating procedures. It should be delivered to a worker on their first day in a new job. This is a leadership opportunity for SME owners to use a corporate handbook to establish important policies, communicate what is expected in the workplace and to show that you care about protecting the rights of employees. Take this opportunity to get your new staff o...

Corporate Gifting Ideas

Everyone likes to receive a gift. Whether it’s your birthday, Christmas or other special occasion. Thoughtfulness goes a long way. People remember and value it. People tell their friends about it. The joy of receiving can be matched by the joy of giving, or exceeded by it. Giving your client a special gift shows them who you really are as a person and the level and values of your company. <a hr...

Reimagine Invoice Payments

Everyone likes to get paid. The faster the better. SMEs owners face a multitude of basic administration tasks that can eat up your time and energy. As the whole world becomes increasingly more digitized, your SME must follow suit. Ranging from <a href="

Making the Switch to Payroll Software

Payroll is a basic task of Human Resource management but it doesn’t have to be a burden. If you are looking for ways to save time and be in control of your payroll, using software might be for you. Your current payroll system may not be adequate. Your business may be expanding or you just want to make a change. You may think that changing how you run your payroll will be stressful. So why don’t yo...

Keep your accounting software up to date – it’s important!

We all know the world is changing faster and faster so it’s vital that you stay up to date in all aspects of your business, including your accounting software. New technology is coming to us all the time and there is more coming soon, but how much of it are you aware of and how much of it do you know how to use effectively? Keeping up to speed with technological developments that could have huge b...

Why You Should Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Bank

Relationships should be a priority for business everywhere in the world. AI is beginning to change the way we do business and, in the near future, SME-Bank relationships will be with algorithms as well as with people. You may think that you have the best product or service in the world but if you don’t have good business relationships you may find yourself working hard without making a profit. Dig...

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