Kitchen Equipment

Must Have Kitchen Equipment for Your Restaurant

The kitchen is where all the magic happens and it is important to get quality and multi-purpose equipment. Having opened a restaurant myself, I have come up with a comprehensive list of the essentials that you must not miss out on.  1. Cold Food Storage Space All kitchens need industrial grade refrigeration – either reach in refrigeration or walk in refrigeration units. Refrigeration will maintain the freshness of your ingredients by freezing bacterial growth. As for the type of refrigeration a business needs, it really depends on the size of your restaurant. If your restaurant is smaller, it is smarter to get a reach in refrigerator and vice versa.   2. Preparation of Food Preparation surfaces, counters and cutting surfaces is where the magic begins. For cutting surfaces, I wou...

Singapore’s Unique Approach to Food Takeaway Packaging 

Walk into any hawker centre of food court in Singapore and you would probably hear two words thrown in the air: Ta Pow! This Hokkein phrase is a uniquely Singaporean term for taking away food, equivalent to having your food “doggy-bagged”. We Ta Pow our food in various forms and perhaps our creativity will give you some inspiration on how you handle takeaways in your own restaurants! 1. The Styrofoam Box One good thing about these styrofoam boxes is that it contains the heat of the chicken rice inside the packet, making sure that the chicken rice is still as delicious after a long journey home. 2. The White Cardboard Box

A Restauranteurs Guide to Choosing Take Away Disposable Packaging

Want to make sure that your food retains the same taste and quality even after being taken away? Given the prominence of food delivery services like FoodPanda and Deliveroo, making sure the quality of your food is maintained is extremely crucial as a large volume of food is taken away. We know how important it is to provide every consumer with the best dining experience – be it within your own restaurant or in the comfort of their own home. This article will offer you a few suggestions on how to choose your disposable packaging based on what your restaurant priorities the most. 1. Green Packaging Green, biodegradable paper and compostable paper is a hit among green restaurants. It is made of renewable resources that can be easily recycled by your consumers – just make sure to r...