The Importance of Having a Website for Your Business

Having a digital presence for your business is a non-negotiable in this day and age. Does your business really exist if it is not on the internet? As absurd as that sounds, it does hold some truth. It is the first thing that potential customers turn to to check out your  menu and reviews before turning up at your restaurant door. The start-up costs of creating a website for your business is negligible as well, so don’t be afraid to legitimize your business on the internet! If you are still not convinced of the need to have a website, this article will convince you of it’s necessity. Here’s 4 reasons why you need to set up a restaurant for your business, if you haven’t got one yet!

5 Reasons Why Instagram Can Help Your Restaurant Business Succeed

If you’ve ever been on Instagram, scrolling through your newsfeed, it’d be really hard not to notice enticing photos of food adorned with the hashtag: #foodporn. Instagram is ridden with glorious photos of food, ironically not from the restaurant itself, but from diners that want their followers to enviously drool over what they’re having for dinner. This trend is a golden opportunity for restaurants to latch onto – this article will teach you how to use Instagram to help your restaurant business succeed! 1. Crafting Your Own Personal Brand Instagram simplifies restaurant branding down to a few features – posts, stories, videos, direct messaging (DMs) and comments. By being responsive to user’s enquiries on your Instagram page, you will give off the impression that your team is...

Grow Your Restaurant Business Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

Turning your restaurant business into a success is easier said than done. Expanding your business and opening more outlets requires not only maximum effort, but also an even larger capital. While many business owners resort to taking extra loans for business expansion, this can be a risky move if you’re not aware of your repayment capabilities. Or sometimes, some business aren’t able to generate enough revenue to qualify for these loans. So how else do you grow your restaurant business without needing to rely on taking loans? Here’s 3 tips to expand your restaurant business without needing bang the buck!

3 Things You’re Doing That’s Killing Your Restaurant

There are various factors that contribute to the success of a restaurant. However, more than often, restaurants owners get caught up in the day-to-day tasks and this can lead to neglecting certain important aspects of the business. As the key-decision maker in the restaurant, sometimes we fail to realise how certain actions and decisions are killing our restaurant instead of growing it. Here’s 3 things you need to stop doing, and start doing, to sustain your restaurant.

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