Why Your Beauty Store Location Matters in Malaysia

Choosing a store location is an important decision to make during the early stages of your business establishment. This is especially true for brick-and-mortar beauty stores. Much of their business’s ability to generate sales and make a profit is largely influenced by their store’s location. Here’s why your beauty store location matters in Malaysia! 1. Accessibility You will clearly want to choose a location of your beauty store where it will be easily accessible, either in a mall or shop lots. Your store’s location should be ideally nearby lots of traffic (both foot and four-wheeled variety) and as well as parking availability. Does your beauty store require your customers to search for the location? Or is it easily seen from the main road or on the way to their homes? Is it a...

Why Empty Units Have Become A Common Sight in Malaysian Malls

Earlier in January, Free Malaysia Today reported that 27 new malls would be popping up around Kuala Lumpur by 2028.  With retail occupancy being at an all time low, Malaysians were baffled by the news. The Klang Valley, which constitutes Putrajaya and Selangor, exhibits 59 million sq ft of mall space, a figure equivalent to 51 Suria KLCC malls. Yet, despite the lack of demand and necessity for shopping malls, new ones seem to be popping up left, right and centre. Malaysian Malls Are Getting More Empty, But New Ones Are Still Being Built.

Top 10 Reasons Why F&B Businesses Fail

The F&B business is always an exciting venture for anyone looking to get into it! Although it is time-consuming, it is just as rewarding. However, there are many aspects to running a restaurant that most people forget about. Making these mistakes may end up costing your business. In the worst case, this means total failure. Below are 10 reasons why F&B businesses tend to fail. 1. Your Restaurant Location Matters

Cost-Efficient Methods for Your Restaurant Business

Looking to save money but not so sure how to start practising cost-efficient methods for your restaurant? Cost-efficient methods may seem daunting and complicated but it really does not have to be – this article will provide you with 5 logical and simple tips to increase your profit margins overnight! 1. Go Green! If your restaurant is still stuck on using disposable plastic utensils, cups or plates, it’s time to go green! Many eco-friendly restaurants utilise glass or ceramic dining ware instead and have even gone the extra mile to use metal straws. The one time cost of buying these sustainable dining ware will save you the accumulative amount spent on disposable plastic utensils in the long run. Plus it will completely rebrand your restaurant – imagine pretty China plates ins...