Starting a Business

Everything You Need To Know About Setting Up a Salon and Spa Business in Singapore

Singapore is known for world class salons and spas. A strong industry that is growing year-on-year and record high numbers of tourists allows owners to enjoy multiple revenue streams with a steady flow of clients. Setting up a spa and salon is a fairly straightforward process. Read on here to find out how in detail what you need to know about setting up a salon and spa business in Singapore.  Obtain the Right Licenses A Massage Establishment License (ME) is required under the Massage Establishment Act. According to the act, you’ll need to obtain this license if your business offers any of the following: Massage services Manicures Spa baths Foot-reflexology Similar services The license is broken down into two categories: Category 1 and Category 2. The main difference between the two categor...

Why Every Beauty Spa Business Owner in India Needs a Business Plan

A business plan is vital for starting, managing and growing your business. Not all businesses share the same business plan. The one size fits all approach does not work because every business focuses on different considerations. A spa in particular will definitely have a different set of challenges from a F&B business. This is why a business plan is not just about outlining goals and methods of achieving them but is also about understanding your niche market. Every beauty spa business owner in India needs a business plan because it offers many benefits. Some of the benefits are mentioned right here in this article! 1. Setting the Direction The first reason that explains why every beauty spa business owner in India needs a business plan is that it allows a business owner to define what ...

Setting Up A Fashion Business in The Philippines

Learning how to start a fashion clothing venture may be ideal for small business owners who have a knack for clothing and fashion. Boutiques are a popular way of starting out small, but you may not know just how to begin. Here are some things to consider before starting a clothing boutique. Startup Costs When determining your startup costs, you should come up with a business plan. Be thorough in including all costs that you can think of. This will help you better understand your operating expenses and turnover period. Be realistic with costs and avoid cutting corners. Undermining your budget can become a huge issue later on when you require financing. For a typical store, startup costs can average between USD$25,000 to $70,000. Licenses and Permits    

The Best Time to Start a Business

The Best Time to Start a Business So you have decided to become your own boss and want to embark upon your own business venture. No matter your business objectives, you want your business to thrive. That was the number one thing on my mind when I opened my own consulting firm a few years ago. Seeing businesses and startups come and go, I have observed the need to start your business at an optimal time. Even if you have an amazing idea, if it is the wrong time, it is simply just the wrong time. So are you considering when to embark on this amazing journey? Read on to see if you fulfill all conditions for the optimal time to start your business. 1. When You Are Fully Committed