Drive Offline Sales and Track Customers With Digital Promos

Target & retarget customers with digital promos when they are near your store

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of Retail is Offline

Your brick-&-mortar business is as important as growing your digital presence

Brick & Mortar is still king

When offline retail still accounts for >80% of sales but online is growing at ~10x the speed, omnichannel is the only channel

Launch and test promotions in a heartbeat

Gone are the days of proof-reading and finalizing voucher designs before sending them for mass print. Manage your omnichannel digital promotions and discounts easily with Skale’s Voucher Management System. Create a downloadable QR digital voucher and launch them across any digital platform in less than 60 seconds. Change them anytime, or use personalized vouchers that truly targets the segment of one.

Track customers offline, retarget online

Deliver e-vouchers to your customers effortlessly, and pixel track them on Facebook, Google each time they download or use a voucher. Your sales assistants burn vouchers easily with our QR app, giving you real time insights on the promotions that work, those that do not and the ROI of your offline campaigns. 

Offline digital vouchers with high ROI have four things in common:


Offer time-bound promotions e.g. Valid Today


Are easy to redeem, with no more than 3 inputs or clicks


Are pixel tracked and attributable to offline sales


Minimize net-discounts with personalized promotions

Your Phone is a Small but Mighty Tool