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Driving footfall, engagement and in-store sales for a Singapore Retail Mall

The Singaporean retail company ran online Ads on Facebook and Google through Skale, to promote

their discounted retail products during

Opening Week and the

Singles Day Sale

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We worked with a leading Singapore retail mall and more than 15 F&B / Retail operators to drive footfall, uplift sales and actually track sales ROI real-time

With our online-to-offline capabilities, we drove 5x ROI and converted 30 – 75% of online engagement into offline sales

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Like many other mall operators, maintaining and growing footfall proved challenging in light of eCommerce and local competition. 

Our client, a retail mall operator in Singapore has been engaging in different initiatives and events to drive footfall. Putting aside the fact that organizing mall events are challenging to begin with, driving awareness, participation and actual sales for retailers / F&B operators is even harder and at times not measurable. Even the most creative and well-intent creative agencies or online marketers have thus far struggled with translating innovative concepts to measurable offline sales ROI.

Their Goal:

Driving Footfall, in-mall engagement, sales conversion and track sales ROI


Beautiful online Ads are now status quo. Using digital ads to drive relevant online audiences into a shopping mall and then spend at participating merchants is an entirely different ball game that requires a full-funnel focus.


Driving mall visit with Digital QR Promotion Vouchers

To drive visits to the mall, we deployed Skale’s Digital QR Voucher Management System for all the participating merchants in our client’s mall. Think of these Digital QR vouchers as online substitutes for flyers and printed coupons; except that each time a user downloads a voucher, our client collects phone numbers and pixel tracks users. Some of the participating merchants offered discount vouchers, others offered vouchers valid with a minimum spend. These vouchers gave consumers a reason to visit the mall and spend, while our clients are able to better profile their target customers and build up a member list.

To ensure shoppers who downloaded vouchers were turning up at the mall, SKALE’s system delivered personalised SMS reminders to shoppers. This resulted in up to 3x more voucher usage each time a reminder was sent. One of the merchants, a multi-brand sports retailer saw its vouchers fully downloaded within a week and 72% of all vouchers downloaded were redeemed and used instore during the campaign. 

Across all the merchants, 30% of all downloaded vouchers were used in store. Compared to the benchmark 5% usage rate of most other digital voucher systems, SMS reminders not only created a more complete and personalized “customer experience” on an end-to-end basis, it drove 6x higher sales conversion.

Driving paid event signups

Leveraging our track record in driving luxury property event and retail VIP event participation, we were also able to drive more than 200+ paid signups for a series of baking workshops organized by one of the merchants. The usual challenge with event signup is “last minute no-shows” and collecting a small fee sometimes helps. However, consumers may get thrown away by lengthy payment forms and extra steps. To drive event attendance, Facebook lead ad signups were directly integrated with SMS follow-ups and frictionless payment integration. All these came together neatly, and the merchant’s workshop was sold out in 2 days and extra sessions sold out the next day.

Real-Time Tracking of online-to-offline sales

Retailers and marketers have traditionally struggled to identify and segment the returns from their marketing initiatives, especially when it involves online-to-offline. SKALE’s dashboard for our client and their mall merchants allowed an end-to-end view on classic digital marketing stats (e.g. cost per voucher download, cost per workshop sign up) as well as offline sales conversion (e.g. cost per voucher redemption, sales uplift through vouchers etc.). Our client and their merchants were therefore able to measure offline sales ROI across individual initiatives, customer segments and communication channels. Each time a voucher was used in-store, it was recorded on the dashboard and the team was able to work with SKALE to optimize campaign performance.

Tracking of online and offline statistics were all done through the same mobile dashboard, with no need for any additional point-of-sale equipment. All that the retail sales assistants needed to do, was to scan the digital QR vouchers with their mobile phone.

How they did it:

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