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Create a reason for your customers to come back again by rewarding them when they leave your store

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Step 1

Create A Digital Voucher

*SKALE will use your Facebook Page to pull your Business Name & Logo to create your voucher
** You can further customize terms and conditions and voucher details subsequently
***Standard complimentary voucher redemption for up to 300 customers

Step 2

You will receive a SMS and email when your Digital Voucher and brand poster is ready.

Step 3

Print and place your Personalized Brand Poster at your cashier

Have your customer scan the QR code on the poster to download your Digital Voucher before they leave the Store.
Congratulations! You have just given them a reason to return to your store.
Their contact details will be stored in your SKALE account for you


You are on the right track to creating better retail experiences, and making your customers 3x more likely to come back

You’re all set and your Voucher will be ready in 24 hours

What's Next?

  • Wait for an Email / SMS notifying you that your Voucher and Personalized Brand Poster is ready
  • Login to your SKALE account to monitor, edit or create more vouchers
  • Print your Personalized Brand Poster
  • Place it at your Cashier and get your customers to scan the Poster
  • See your Customers Return, all while building your customer database


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