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Top 10 Reasons Why F&B Businesses Fail

The F&B business is always an exciting venture for anyone looking to get into it! Although it is time-consuming, it is just as rewarding. However, there are many aspects to running a restaurant that most people forget about. Making these mistakes may end up costing your business. In the worst case, this means total failure. Below are 10 reasons why F&B businesses tend to fail. 1. Your Restaurant Location Matters

Keep Your Brick-and-Mortar Store Relevant

The age of the internet seems to have brought on a premonition of sorts for brick-and-mortar store owners everywhere. While major chains such as Giant, Toys R Us and Gap seem to be closing stores all over the country, others seem to be thriving with new retail outlets. While the truth of the matter is that brick-and-mortar stores are becoming less relevant, that does not spell ‘finale’ for everyone. With competent strategies, it is possible to survive the ‘retail apocalypse’. 1. Create Engaging Experiences

3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Nail Salon’s Profitability

How do you distinguish yourself from your competition? Who do you even consider your competition? More often than not unnecessary changes to pricing strategies are made by nail salons in order to get ahead of their competitors. In this article I will write about when it is necessary to pick up a fight and how to distinguish yourself in order to thrive in the nail salon industry. 1. Keep Your Costs Low As a nail salon owner myself, I recognise that most customers are unwilling to pay a hefty amount for a good manicure unless it is gel. And even with gel nails, the most they would be willing to pay is slightly above $50. How do we work around this problem without making significant losses for our business? Well, the answer is in keeping costs extremely low by keeping initial investments and ...

New Technologies Every Restaurant Owner Should Use

In today’s world, it’s hard to ignore the influence of technology, so much so when it’s prevalent in our daily lives and instrumental in how we communicate and connect. In fact, technology has been responsible for automating menial tasks, allowing humans to shift focus to more important aspects. In the F&B industry, technology has been an integral part of how restaurants operate. From the cash register to the kitchen, innovators are constantly introducing new digital solutions to easing the operations of a restaurant, and even more profitable. Below are seven technologies that every restaurant should incorporate into their business. 1. Bluetooth temperature sensors It’s no secret that HACCP (food safety) checklists are a pain. That’s why many restaurants h...