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The Importance of Marketing Your Beauty Spa Business in India

Every spa owner hopes of ensuring that more and more customers walk in the door and leave it after being thoroughly pampered. Some spa owners face problems in ensuring that the customers walk through the doors because they don’t pay enough attention to marketing. If you are one of them, then you need to know the importance of marketing your beauty spa business in India lies in helping you to get more customers and be a brand. In case you don’t know where to start your marketing efforts, read the following steps in this article that I have applied to my business and you’ll do fine! 1. Make Customers Members The first thing you can do after you realize the importance of marketing your beauty spa business in India is to focus on current customers. You need to start a membership program and al...

4 Ways to Get Funding for Your Beauty Business in Malaysia

The beauty industry although lucrative is equally an expensive undertaking. Whether it is a product or service oriented business, this industry demands quality at its finest. This is especially true for running a salon or a spa business in Malaysia. You will set aside significant capital for equipment, products, stock, fixtures, decoration, marketing and many more. And then there’s the waiting period for the build-out before the salon or spa is up and running. When it comes to finding the right funding, even financially flourishing salons and spas find themselves confused. So don’t worry if you ’re having difficulty obtaining funding resources for your beauty business. Here are 4 ways to get funding for your beauty business in Malaysia: 1. Prepare a solid business plan As you are already a...

Why Every Beauty Spa Business Owner in Malaysia Needs a Business Plan

If you have decided to open a beauty spa, writing a business plan will be your primary step. Not all businesses share the same business plan. The one size fits all approach does not work because every business focuses on different considerations. A spa in particular will definitely have a different set of challenges from a F&B business. This is why a business plan is not just about outlining goals and methods of achieving them but is also about understanding your niche market. Now, how do you come up with a good business plan? Beauty spa business owners, here’s exactly what you need to include in your business plan to run a successful beauty spa in Malaysia! 1. Create a Summary of Your Business Plan In the first section of your business plan, you will need to provide a summary of...

 4 Steps to Save Your Dying Business in Malaysia

The implementation of GST in 2015 resulted in both the good and bad. While some businesses welcomed the move, there were also many businesses that were badly affected. In tandem with the rising costs of expenses, frugality became a focal point of Malaysian locals. As such, business owners felt wary of their stability, particularly due to a lowering of consumer purchasing power. Many felt as if closing was the most viable option. While signs of better times are on the horizon, the opportunity costs for businesses that are or have been suffering seems risky. If you are a small business owner who is thinking of shutting down, here  are some tips you can take to save your dying business! 1. Assess Your Situation Truthfully

How to Start & Register an Online Business in Malaysia

Malaysian eCommerce is beginning to pick up, and many are wondering how they can start getting involved in online businesses. The process of registering your business is simple and will only cost RM30. Businesses also gain benefits such as insurance coverage and microloans. Follow these 4 simple steps to get your online business started: 1. Register with MMC if required You will only be required to register with MMC if your business is related to the telecommunications industry. If you are uncertain and want to be safe, you may want to find out more about the MMC’s guidelines. 2. Register Your Business and Company name with CCM