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Will brick-and-mortar stores ever disappear? Not likely, but the next move should be to bridge the gap between physical and online shopping

Compare the shopping landscape of today to that of fifteen, ten, or even five years ago and you’ll find a completely different ecosystem today. It is, therefore, not surprising for many to question if brick-and-mortar stores will ever disappear sometime in the future due to the prevalence of online shopping. This could be true to a certain extent, but is very improbable for the broader market, as people still do enjoy shopping in physical stores. At the same time, e-commerce and m-commerce have plunged traditional retailers into new terrains as consumer preferences change. However, there is a golden opportunity that retailers can jump into here: to be successful, companies must integrate both online and offline experiences to fulfil the ever-changing penchants of consumers; and thus, becom...

Top 10 Reasons Why F&B Businesses Fail

The F&B business is always an exciting venture for anyone looking to get into it! Although it is time-consuming, it is just as rewarding. However, there are many aspects to running a restaurant that most people forget about. Making these mistakes may end up costing your business. In the worst case, this means total failure. Below are 10 reasons why F&B businesses tend to fail. 1. Your Restaurant Location Matters

Start Your Journey As a Powerful Female Entrepreneur

It’s not easy deciding what type of business you want to start – especially when you have a thousand ideas swimming around in your head at any one moment. If you constantly feel overwhelmed by your unstoppable ambition, these are the questions that you need to answer to figure out what your next step will be. Trust me, I asked myself these questions 5 years ago and now I have a thriving business which I absolutely love running! You too could be in the same position! 1. What Do You Want To Get Out Of The Business? Is your reason for starting a business more altruistic? Do you want to help the disadvantaged and the poor? Consider starting a non-profit organisation that will change the world for the better. Do you want to earn extra income or become a self-made millionaire? Consider inv...

4 Ways To Stay Focused On Your Business Goals

Most people highlight the perks of running a business without telling you of the actual consequences. If you are running your own business, then you know that it is easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus. Here are 4 tips to keep yourself on track when times get tough! 1. Take Time To Replenish Your Energy Levels Your just cannot focus without energy, and plenty of it. It is the most common factor affecting productivity levels. As your energy supply decreases, you start to fade. Taking steps to monitor your energy supply is a basic and essential concept. Most people tend to take it for granted. They overwork themselves to exhaustion and then get frustrated when they are unable to get anything done the following days. Try taking steps to ensure that you get enough rests between tasks to ensu...

4 Reasons Why These HR Processes Need Automation

Recruiting, on boarding, hiring, appraisals – the tiresome processes that HR personnel are tasked to never ends. As it goes in business , time is money, and these processes require a large portion of time to be dealt with. Automation has been a goal of business leaders ever since the Industrial Revolution, and resource consolidation has never been easier thanks to computers and softwares. Where HR process automation is concerned, the ability to analyse every step of the process helps determine the inconsistencies that can be better managed, while minimising time spent on monotonous copy-and-paste work. 1. Requests for Leave Leave requests are by far one of the most common processes to automate. Vacation requests, for example, is a length process when conducted manually. A paper or email de...

The Best Time to Start a Business

The Best Time to Start a Business So you have decided to become your own boss and want to embark upon your own business venture. No matter your business objectives, you want your business to thrive. That was the number one thing on my mind when I opened my own consulting firm a few years ago. Seeing businesses and startups come and go, I have observed the need to start your business at an optimal time. Even if you have an amazing idea, if it is the wrong time, it is simply just the wrong time. So are you considering when to embark on this amazing journey? Read on to see if you fulfill all conditions for the optimal time to start your business. 1. When You Are Fully Committed

7 Habits Every Small Business Owner Should Develop

After many years in the industry, I realised that being a successful small business owner does not only include hard work and grit. There are many other factors that influence the quality of our leadership. The habits below made me the small business owner that I want to be and I hope that it helps you along your journey as well. 1. Keep Your Focus Ahead Being forward thinking is extremely crucial. In order to get ahead, we leaders have to be brazen and forward looking enough to stray outside of business norms. Be it taking a risk by going against proven market trends or investing in a new unfamiliar market, such risks have to be taken in order for your business to be distinctive. 2. Be Decisive