Interior Design

Design a Stunning Restaurant Exterior – Attract Walk Ins

Design a Stunning Restaurant Exterior with these great tips! Your restaurant exterior must be welcoming, functional and aesthetic all at the same time. How exactly do we achieve a balance between the three to create a good first impression for our customers?  Read on to find out how to smartly design the outside of your restaurant! 1. Design Your Restaurants Name Make your restaurant name known with a glowing business sign. Engage with reputable sign makers in your country to come up with a business sign that you feel correctly represents your restaurant. Customers will feel the effort you have put into your sign upon by first glance. Design a Stunning Restaurant Exterior A business sign on your restaurant exterior will also do lengths to legitimise your presence in the neighbourhood. 2. L...

Use Colours for Your Restaurant to Make Diners Hungry

The colours of your restaurant certainly has a strong impact on determining your customers dining experience. This, in turn, determines the brand image of your restaurant. Does your restaurant provide more of a fine-dining experience? Or a fast-food experience? What about sustainable dining? This article will help you decide which colours would be best for your restaurant and determining your brand image. 1. Warm Colours versus Cool Colours Warm colours like red, yellow and orange increases a person’s appetite – so use that to your advantage in your own restaurant! Muted, earth tones of warm colours also creates a lush and expensive feel for your restaurant.    Yellow can become really obnoxious if it is too gaudy or bright. So try to aim for muted tone as well. But if you are o...

3 Things You’re Doing That’s Killing Your Restaurant

There are various factors that contribute to the success of a restaurant. However, more than often, restaurants owners get caught up in the day-to-day tasks and this can lead to neglecting certain important aspects of the business. As the key-decision maker in the restaurant, sometimes we fail to realise how certain actions and decisions are killing our restaurant instead of growing it. Here’s 3 things you need to stop doing, and start doing, to sustain your restaurant.