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5 Inspiring Malaysian Tech-Entrepreneurs That You Should Know About

The technology scene in Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia, has brought many millenials to fame after delivering incredible performances from their innovations. By making the most of the growing digital community, these Malaysians are currently at the top of their game from their tech businesses. Trailing the success of major tech companies from the United States, Malaysia is home to several local apps and online commerce sites that are gaining momentum in the region. Here, we list some of the entrepreneurs whose ideals have brought them great success! 5 Inspiring Malaysian Tech-Entrepreneurs That You Should Know About 1. Patrick Grove Recently listed under Malaysia’s 50 Richest by Forbes, Patrick Grove is the co-founder and CEO of Catcha Group – his latest venture being iFlix, a strong c...

From Small Business to Empires: How These 4 Malaysian F&B Companies Made It

Malaysians are a lucky lot when it comes to food. Due to the multi-racial aspect of our country, we are spoilt for choice with a culinary divergence that few countries can brag. Chinese, Indian, Malay – you name it, we have it. Last week, we wrote an article that identified 3 Singaporean hawkers and their rise to international success and branding. Today, we will look at the Malaysian equivalents of these entrepreneurial spirits. From their humble beginnings to becoming multi-million-dollar franchises, these local and recognisable brands have a story to inspire just about anyone out there. Read on to see how These 4 Malaysian Small Town Businesses Achieved International Fame. Ramly Burger