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E-Commerce In Singapore: A 4-Step Guide To Get Started

The e-commerce industry has been steadily growing in the past few years. Google and Temasek Holdings report that the market size for Singapore’s e-commerce industry will grow to US$5.4 billion by 2025. Today, many brick-and-mortar retailers are supplementing their physical sales through online distribution platforms. If you are looking to get a foot into the world of e-commerce, then read on to see just how you can go about it. 1. Plan It Out Your business plan will be the blueprint of how your business will operate and develop. You need to write a plan that helps remind you of your vision and objectives as you get further down the line. Your initial plan can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. With so many things going on, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options avai...

Why E-commerce is Way More Competitive than Offline Retail

With rapid digitalisation paving the way for e-commerce, the idea of dumping brick-and-mortar retail for online retail sounds all the more convincing. Retail no longer requires opening a storefront! Before you heave a sigh of relief, note that this newfound convenience comes with a price. And that means more competition! Here are four solid reasons why e-commerce is way more competitive than offline retail: 1. Lack Of Natural Traffic Brick-and-mortar stores have always reaped the benefit of having natural traffic. However, for online stores, driving in traffic will require more effort. Lacking in physical visibility, online stores will need to allocate a sizeable amount of marketing budget on digital marketing and advertising. Some of the strategies that will need to be utilised by online ...

SEO: What It Is And How You Can Use It For Your Business To Thrive

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making a website more accessible through search engine results pages. The process includes a wide-range of strategies aimed at increasing organic traffic to your website. SEO is a complex mechanism that relies on specific algorithms. While these calculations are not obvious to everyone, there are some fundamental strategies that can be made use of. 1. Produce Quality Content This is one strategy that is constantly being highlighted. Whether it’s’ to increase followers on social media, engagement rates or SEO, your output is a primary factor. When writing SEO content, give consideration towards what people are searching for. This includes common keywords that are relevant to your business/industry. SEO content is optimized; it is clear, con...

3 Insights To Engaging Baby Boomers in E-commerce

baby boomers It seems that the world of e-commerce has been tailor-made for millennial’s. On a canvas of flashy retail and over-hyped bargains, there is an obvious deficit in the way baby boomers are approached.  In a study between smartphone use and age-groups, older folks of 51 years and above were accounted for at the lowest percentile.   While most see baby boomers as an unworthy segment, there are some businesses that see them as a niche target. As the smartphone becomes more of a necessity than a privilege, we are compelled to bring you some methods of approaching this growing segment of consumers.   1. Pose Benefits

How to Start & Register an Online Business in Malaysia

Malaysian eCommerce is beginning to pick up, and many are wondering how they can start getting involved in online businesses. The process of registering your business is simple and will only cost RM30. Businesses also gain benefits such as insurance coverage and microloans. Follow these 4 simple steps to get your online business started: 1. Register with MMC if required You will only be required to register with MMC if your business is related to the telecommunications industry. If you are uncertain and want to be safe, you may want to find out more about the MMC’s guidelines. 2. Register Your Business and Company name with CCM