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10 Ways To Make Your Store Millennial Friendly

Millennials run the world. Thinking you can ignore this demographic is definitely a mistake. According to Huffington Post, Asian millennials are the new big spenders in the global consumer market. In Asia, they make up a sheer 410 million of the total population and they are equipped with high purchasing power. Want to find out how your store can latch onto this demographic? Below are 10 tips I have learnt over the years as a store owner myself. 1. Consider Seamless Payments

Successful Ways to Promote Your Restaurant

Promoting your restaurant is a great way to achieve brand recognition, new and existing customers, introduce your business to the market and undeniably a lever to increasing sales. The type of restaurant that you operation will also impact the successful promotion of your restaurant such as the size and design. Restaurant promotions are easy and can be wallet-friendly to implement. Many restaurant owners usually allocate time and budget to plan a successful event such as wine tasting or promotional course meals that have shown to generate long-term business after. Here are some methods that successful restaurant owners have used to promote and market their restaurant business.

5 Reasons Why Instagram Can Help Your Restaurant Business Succeed

If you’ve ever been on Instagram, scrolling through your newsfeed, it’d be really hard not to notice enticing photos of food adorned with the hashtag: #foodporn. Instagram is ridden with glorious photos of food, ironically not from the restaurant itself, but from diners that want their followers to enviously drool over what they’re having for dinner. This trend is a golden opportunity for restaurants to latch onto – this article will teach you how to use Instagram to help your restaurant business succeed! 1. Crafting Your Own Personal Brand Instagram simplifies restaurant branding down to a few features – posts, stories, videos, direct messaging (DMs) and comments. By being responsive to user’s enquiries on your Instagram page, you will give off the impression that your team is...