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The Basics Of Business Insurance For Small Business Owners

Most small business owners have a good idea of what tools, equipment and materials are needed to conduct their business. However, when it comes to insurance, they don’t always know what to insure or how much coverage they require. At the very least, consider buying General Liability and Business Property insurance for your small business. Or you can get a Small Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) that contains both under a single policy. In most places, Worker’s Compensation insurance is a necessity. If you or your employees will be driving for work purposes, then you will need Commercial Auto Insurance. Once you have these basics covered, consider any risks that are unique to your business. Is your area prone to flooding? Are you handling large amounts of customer data? You will want to address...

Everything You Need To Know About Setting Up a Salon and Spa Business in Singapore

Singapore is known for world class salons and spas. A strong industry that is growing year-on-year and record high numbers of tourists allows owners to enjoy multiple revenue streams with a steady flow of clients. Setting up a spa and salon is a fairly straightforward process. Read on here to find out how in detail what you need to know about setting up a salon and spa business in Singapore.  Obtain the Right Licenses A Massage Establishment License (ME) is required under the Massage Establishment Act. According to the act, you’ll need to obtain this license if your business offers any of the following: Massage services Manicures Spa baths Foot-reflexology Similar services The license is broken down into two categories: Category 1 and Category 2. The main difference between the two categor...

From Design Agency Head to Successful Ice Cream Treats Founder – Creamier & Sunday Folks

Cafés and dessert shops are popular hangout spots for people of all ages. There’s nothing quite like ice cream and coffee on a sunny afternoon – what more when it’s of the homemade sort. Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream & Coffee and Sunday Folks are no strangers to the café scene in Singapore. Despite the long queues and wait-times, customers flock to the cosy outlets for a whiff of the handmade ice creams (and delicious waffles). To understand the success behind the café’s operations, we reached out to Khoh Wan Chin, co-founder of Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream & Coffee and Sunday Folks. How It All Began Creamier was first founded in 2011 by Khoh Wan Chin, Victor Lim and Audrey Wang. The enterprise sought to fulfil their vision and passion in the business. Previously, Wa...

9 Tips Foreigners Can Use When Starting A Company In Singapore

Anyone above 18 years of age can easily start a company in Singapore. The procedures involved are simple, quick and free from too many complications. In fact, the procedure can be viewed as 2 simple steps: Company Name Approval Company Registration Things to consider for Singapore Company Incorporation: A foreigner requires a suitable work visa/pass to work in Singapore. The most common ones are Employment Pass (EP) or EntrePass. The holder of the EP or EntrePass has the right to act as a director of a Singaporean company. Given that they have not been convicted of legal offence or bankruptcy, any person above the age of 18 is allowed to register a company. Company incorporation is to be carried out electronically using the online filing system provided. If you are a foreigner who wishes t...

Start Your Journey As a Powerful Female Entrepreneur

It’s not easy deciding what type of business you want to start – especially when you have a thousand ideas swimming around in your head at any one moment. If you constantly feel overwhelmed by your unstoppable ambition, these are the questions that you need to answer to figure out what your next step will be. Trust me, I asked myself these questions 5 years ago and now I have a thriving business which I absolutely love running! You too could be in the same position! 1. What Do You Want To Get Out Of The Business? Is your reason for starting a business more altruistic? Do you want to help the disadvantaged and the poor? Consider starting a non-profit organisation that will change the world for the better. Do you want to earn extra income or become a self-made millionaire? Consider inv...

How And Why Young Entrepreneurs Are Starting Food Stalls

Starting a food stall is ideal for young entrepreneurs to gain some business experience without a significant investment. If you are someone with a passion for starting a restaurant, then beginning with a food stall is a good initial venture. Furthermore, it is a clever way to start out humbly and get your brand’s name out. 1. What You Need If you enjoy chaotic hours, changing environments and recipe innovation, then you may be perfectly suited for this. Mostly, you should decide between vending at markets or festivals. The logistics can be very different, so you should tailor your business accordingly. Your working days will mostly be weekends. If you are not prepared to give up those liberties, than consider corporate events or private functions instead. Essentially, planning your busine...

The Best Time to Start a Business

The Best Time to Start a Business So you have decided to become your own boss and want to embark upon your own business venture. No matter your business objectives, you want your business to thrive. That was the number one thing on my mind when I opened my own consulting firm a few years ago. Seeing businesses and startups come and go, I have observed the need to start your business at an optimal time. Even if you have an amazing idea, if it is the wrong time, it is simply just the wrong time. So are you considering when to embark on this amazing journey? Read on to see if you fulfill all conditions for the optimal time to start your business. 1. When You Are Fully Committed

Create An Unforgettable Restaurant Name

Create An Unforgettable Restaurant Name! When starting a restaurant, one of the most important aspects on deciding on your restaurants name! There are many ways to choose a name for your restaurant – from naming a restaurant after a location, encapsulating a theme or simply playing around with words. This name will stick with your restaurant for an indefinite time, so make sure that is both catchy and memorable for your customers to remember. So how do you make sure that it is unforgettable and yet meaningful? Read on to find out the steps and advises I used to determine my own restaurants name! 1. Naming Your Restaurant After Your Location

4 Things You Didn’t Know About the Spa Industry

4 Things You Didn’t Know About the Spa Industry Entering any new market is a journey of discovering the many niches and specialties of that industry. Having been in the spa market for more than a decade, I can confidently say that I have learnt most of the tricks of the trade by now. I want to share with you my knowledge about the spa market so that you won’t have to feel completely blind sighted on your new business venture. 4 Things You Didn’t Know About the Spa Industry 1. It’s Time To Get Personal

How to Start & Register an Online Business in Malaysia

Malaysian eCommerce is beginning to pick up, and many are wondering how they can start getting involved in online businesses. The process of registering your business is simple and will only cost RM30. Businesses also gain benefits such as insurance coverage and microloans. Follow these 4 simple steps to get your online business started: 1. Register with MMC if required You will only be required to register with MMC if your business is related to the telecommunications industry. If you are uncertain and want to be safe, you may want to find out more about the MMC’s guidelines. 2. Register Your Business and Company name with CCM

3 Online Businesses You Can Start With No Money

3 Online Businesses You Can Start With No Money Unlike a brick-and-mortar business, starting a business online does not require much capital. In fact, there are many businesses out there running with no capital at all. Resourceful people will always find a way to leverage free services from the internet. While the possibilities are endless, here are a few suggestions for online businesses that you can start with little to no capital! 3 Online Businesses You Can Start With No Money 1. Blogging If you have the know-how to tackle a subject, blogging is an easy option to get started. There are many blog-hosting websites available. You can easily setup a blog from websites like WordPress. If you have the time, consider creating your own website and sourcing for a service host.   Blogging requir...

An Expat’s Guide To Opening A Business In The Philippines

Many expats are flocking to the Philippines as it has experienced significant economic growth over the past few years. Are you one of them? Or are you thinking of joining the club? As an expat myself, this article will explain how to open a successful business in the Philippines. If you are still considering whether it is a worthy investment – let me tell you right now that it is relatively easy once you understand how things work! So read on to make the most out of your investment. 1. What Type Of Business Can You Set Up?

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